Saturday, January 16, 2010

In the beginning...

In the beginning...

The trail network started in the new year of 2010, on the 45 acre property I purchased near Nymboida, in the Northern Rivers district of NSW.

The area has some side slope and a small perennial creek running through it.  The Creek has a near temperate rainforest microclimate, perfect for building trial...  and so it starts

This shows the  first trail mark out, before any thing commenced, this is about 100m from the back of the house.

The first part of the trail will loop around near the creek to let riders enjoy the beautiful and varied trees growing there and to hook into the dirt road at the front of the property.  The start was easy going, raking away the leaf litter. even the chickens loved it and they followed along behind me, eating the bugs as I uncovered them !

There are creek crossings

and log crossing galore

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