Friday, April 23, 2010

Log ride

While building the trail, I managed to link it to a LARGE log that had fallen in the forest some time ago.   For some time this project had been sitting unfinished as we built track up around and past it, planning to come back and finish it when we had time.  (See the log bridge ride section of this post) Well we decided to finish it over the last two days.

I had already trimmed the lumps and branches off with a chain saw, so the only thing that remained was to construct the on / off ramps.

This is the ramp on the  eastern side.

and on the western side

There were a few tricky bits that required some finesseing, here you see Toni with the wood chisel, notching a level platform for one of the treads to be screwed to
and the final product...
Now all that remains is to test it by riding it !!!

Coppiced tree regrowth

Went for a walk on the trail the other day.  It was good to see some of the trees we'd cut down early on for use on trail structures, starting to regrow.

As in the example above, near the first bridge constructed a few months ago, the regrowth looks great and it adds weight to my argument about using local materials, sourced at the point of construction if possible for the lowest ecological damage possible.