Saturday, March 27, 2010

More Trail

continued working on the northern trail.  The layout of the house and land lends the property itself to having two trails, one north of the house and one south. It is slowly coming together.

Spent some time marking some more trail out and constructing it.   A beautiful stretch through a patch of forest has been added

This has been benched and winds between many trees, including several Tallowood trees

We have managed to go past the old hut, used in yesteryear when they used to log and run cattle and the property was part of a much larger one.

We have added a nifty new feature, by coppicing a few trees, Toni busily stripping the bark off the trees

Using the chain saw to notch a tree fall to add the stringers

Digging in the supports on either end and mounting them on rock

and bolting the stringers to the fallen trees 100mm batten screws used

It is slowly coming together

a test run after the decking has been added

rides well !

and then trimming it all up, making it nice and neat

the finished product, looking good !

We have also started on a big log ride.  We managed to get the trail to come to a large log, taking advantage of that fact, we have decided to build a ramp onto and off it.

Had to trim bits off it first to make i rideable.

It is scary being up there, took Toni about 20 mins to find her mojo the first time she rode it

but ride it she did, you go girl !

Yes, I had to pause before I had a go,

We still have to finish it but hopefully in the next couple weeks we will get back to it.

Further along the trail we have a nifty little rolling log ride, the logs at either end are fixed, the logs in the middle roll as you ride over them

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