Monday, August 11, 2014

2014 Social Ride - 31 August

Social ride is on again !

The wonderfully awesome Nymboida social MTB ride is on again.  Put 31 August 2104 in your calendar for a great ride.  

Ride Flyer

Where: 41 Martin Rd, Nymboida

When: Sunday 31 August, 9:00am

Check back on this site for updates in regards the weather

You can get a great breakfast at Jax Cafe in Nymboida on Sunday before heading out to the ride

Previous Rides

In the past we have had rides that were a great success, with at least  30 to 40 riders attending. Lets hope we get a greater number this year.

Photo's from previous rides

Make a weekend of it ?   Nymboida Adventure Festival

This is the weekend of the Nymboida Adventure Festival being held at the Nymboida Canoe Centre, make a great weekend of it, come out Saturday and stay the night.  Rooms are available, make sure you ring the Centre on 6649 4155 to book a room.  There's also great camping, with hot showers, cooking facilities and BBQ's available

If anyone wants to come out Saturday afternoon and stay Saturday night at Nymboida, we really can recommend the Canoe Center for camping or cabin accommodation, an awesome spot.  If you are wanting accommodation that's a little more private and self contained, the nearby Bullimah Country Retreat is also a wonderful place to stay.

More Information on food, music and entertainment for the Festival can be found on the Nymboida Canoe Centre website

If you have family who perhaps aren't as enthusiastic to ride the awesome trails at Nymboida as you, they can enjoy the Nymboida Markets on the Sunday morning as well as breakfast/ lunch at Jax Cafe in Nymboida.

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Phase I and II of the new track Jack 'n Jill are complete.  There is some minor finishing to be done to part of the track but it's completely rideable

The last two bits to be completed were; to finish benching the last 30m at the top...

Trevor riding the last bit that was benched on Jack n' Jill

and to construct a log crossing down the bottom

Bottom log crossing, completed !


A huge thanks to my wonderful partner Toni as always for her awesome work out there once a week and to

Toni riding the new trail

Clayton, an MTB rider from just down the road who has been helping out.

Clayton working hard on the new trail

What next ?

Good question.. We are currently debating two extensions to the new trail to complete it.  Currently it hooks onto Red Ridin' Hood and doesn't comply with the IMBA spoke and hub trail concept that we like to follow. 

We can have a smaller track that links in with the northern part of the trail network at Legbone/Toebone trail hub or we can loop right around up near the Nymboida State Forest and join up with the Footbone/Legbone Trail hub at the top.  The former would be a 2 to 3 month project, the latter would take at least a year and probably longer but would definitely be a long sweet ride :)  

What to do? We're not sure yet, until then we'll just enjoy riding the trails we do have :)