Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More trail, bridge finished

We finally finsihed the bridge, screwing the decking down last week. 

There has been nearly 2 weeks of rain, with the only clear days being the last two, so things slowed down a fair bit, so we started adding the decking in the rain.  Here it is half way thorough.

and finished
It was all too much for Toni, so she had a jump, to celebrate and check the integrity of the construction !

We have also added another 400m or so of single track, with only one large log crossing to finish to make it 100% rideable.  The new trail comes off the old part, winds it;s way through the forest, over a rocky ridge, then back beside the creek through the forest.  It makes a sweet addition that's fun to ride with a few interesting bits to make it fun, like a log you need to duck under.

This little berm is at the bottom of a small downhill section, allows you to not lose any speed as you come through the corner and minimises braking, avoiding erosion.

We will be adding more over the coming weeks but will also spend some time grooming the trail we have built in preperation for a tentative upcoming social ride.  

The next bit of trail goes back past an old historical hut that was built several decades ago on the property.  More to come.

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