Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Leg Bone" milestone

Track is 100% rideable, completed on Tuesday.  woot ! Joined up at the new trail hub at the top near the fire-road.

Still a couple jobs to do finish it off, most of the hard yakka is in the bit of benching that needs to be done, about 150m or so of trail left to bench that is rideable but should be benched to make it a little less "tricky".  The worst bits have been done.

Newly benched trail on Leg Bone !

We will attack this over the coming weeks, hopefully getting it finished by the time the social ride comes about on 29 May.  We were supposed to test ride it this morning but we had 50mm of rain last night that drenched things thoroughly but assuming no rain tonight, we will be able to ride it tomorrow !

The track should be great, it's more technical and a little more difficult then the easier trails we've built so far.  The idea of the first trail to the top was to make it easy to get there, this makes it FUN to get back down.  Lots of gravity drops, swooping turns with more features to come as we finish them, like the log drop off that's awaiting the curing of the stringers before construction (ride the "B" line in the interim)

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