Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Time for an update... not much has been happening on the trails, we've done a bit of maintenance, not that much was needed as mostly we use the IMBA Sustainable Trails deign philosophy, as while I like building, trail, maintenance is not that much fun.  Build it properly the first time and maintenance is kept to a minimum.

We have been putting most of our effort into clearing lantana.  We have put in a huge effort this year, as we've had a wet (easy to pull out of the ground), cool (makes it a little more pleasant to do the hard work) winter.  While there is not much impact on the trail itself, aside from keeping the lantana from encroaching on the trail corridor, it makes the ride nicer as you can see the forest where it is the lantana was dense. We think we've put in a great effort, plenty more to go of course !

New Track (name to be decided by Toni)

I have spent some time scouting out the new trail to be added to the southern section.  Finally have it marked.

trail head for new trail

You can see from the photo above why we need to spend some time clearing lantana :)

Trail corridor cleared and marked

Red Riding Hood

Following the "nursery rhyme" trail naming theme for the southern trail network,  we have taken the plunge and called Steve's track that he had unofficially named Grass Tree Ride to Red Riding Hood.  Two reasons
  1. Fit in with the Nursery Rhyme naming convention
  2. that name specifically because of two gnarly structures; the "big bad wolf" ie huge see-saw that will bite your arse if  you don;t pay attention and "grandma's house", some "north shore" way up in the trees :)
In order to fit into the hub and spoke model of trail building we also need to extend it slightly to meet up at the Dam Spillway Trail Hub.  If we don't we fall into the newbie trail building trap of the trails looking like a bunch of spaghetti has been thrown on the ground.  There will be four tracks meeting at the Hub point.  Goldilocks, Red Riding Hood (after the extension) , the bit to Glenns Ck Rd and the new as yet unnamed climbing trail. 
Trail Hub at Dam Spillway. looking down Goldilocks

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