Thursday, December 26, 2013

Jack 'n Jill continues

Jack 'n Jill continues

Nymboida local Clayton has been helping out on the trails lately.  Clayton and his brother Sebastian both enjoy riding them so why not help us build new stuff ? Few hands making lighter work 'n all.  Clayton has been out several times, Sebastian the once so far.  Clayton especially is coming along and getting stuck in, so a great big thank you to him.

Phase I

Clayton hard at it
As always, the trail construction stalwart Toni is supervising, making sure the final finish isn't compromised. Her eye for detail makes the trail look professional and reflects in a smoother ride.  I tend to leave the finish a little "rough"

As always, pictures speak louder than words

Sebastian taking a break under Toni's watchful eye
Tree log crossing coming along

Plenty of obstacles on this trial, it's a little harder, with jumps, berms to "rail", logs to cross, tree stumps to ride over and plenty of other great obstacles, combined with some stepper trail, it makes it a fast, thrilling descent.

Berm is finsihed

More trail features prior to construction

and finished

Phase II

The photo's above are all of Phase I.  This can easily be accessed from Glenn's Ck Rd and will be open quite soon.  Phase II has had the corridor cleared but has not yet been roughed out prior to construction starting. Lots of back breaking pick work to come as the side slope is quite steep.

Top of phase II, side slope is 28% !

The noise !

Ear Plugs ?

Currently we have an influx of Cicadas.  The noise !  Apparently they are very bad once every 5 years or so, this year seems to be it.  They were bad back in 2009, five summers ago, so that seems about right. Definitely above 90dB !  Out in the bush the noise is so loud, ear plugs are needed

Cicada Skeleton

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