Thursday, November 19, 2015

and so it begins

after a long hiatus, we've started building trail again.  We've enlisted the help of anther young local MTB enthusiast,.  Oliver has been up helping us and learning how to build trail.  He's also keen on building his own trail on his property, hopefully he'll learn from my mistakes and not repeat them at his place

Oliver striking a pose beside the new trail

Here's the start of the alignment for the new trail.

Before any trail work started
Lookin' good !

It uses part of what I think is an old logging track that's about 40 years overgrown, albeit it's turned into more a drain over the decades but it ends up in a nce grove near the base of a cliff.

From there we'll create a hub and send trail in all different directions from there.  That's when the real hard work starts..

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