Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In-sloped turn and more track

More Track
We haven't been doing much to the trails of late, very sporadic but in the last two days we have been out there.

Yesterday I cleared and realigned more single track

In Sloped Turn
Today we were both out there, doing the same, as well as starting construction on what we hope will be a spectacular in-sloped turn around a massive Spotted Gum Tree.  Here's a pic of Toni at the top entrance to the turn, that part has been finished

That's some mighty fine benching !
of course the bottom side is were the most work is and we'll be attending to that next.  Two older trees that were partly rotted need gaps chainsawed through them, which was done and one large felled tree needs a ramp built over that... a project for another day.

Wood Pile
On another note, I finally remembered to take pic of the  pile were we scavenge wood for our trail features.  This pile is about 5 km from us and we drive right past if we are going to Grafton.  We have managed to find all the decking we need from here.  The wood is mostly hardwood dumped off cuts from a local mill.

Hopefully they keep dumping there as it's an excellent way for us to recycle timber and put it to good use.  We also gather smashed bits to use in the fire place, the next size up from kindling.  The wood is seasoned and burns well !

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