Saturday, August 28, 2010

Finished the in-sloped turn

I dragged Toni out to help me finish the in-sloped turn.  She did a superb job and most of the work.  We came down and around a huge spotted gum.  The turn is on an area of with about a 10% sideslope, so we have bermed the outside, with the grade of the trail being sloped back into the inside edge (towards the tree in the pic) of the corner.  While this causes an issue with water not shedding off the trail properly in that spot, it also helps prevent braking through the turn as you can keep your speed up.  Additionally, the watershed for that area is quite small, I don't envisage water being an issue.
"Kookaburra Korner" - under construction

The kookaburra's came out to inspect the trail after we'd finished construction.  Snapping up the few worms etc we had dug up.  We just need a little rain now to help pack the berm down.

Huey, Dewey and Loiue, coming to inspect the track

We also caught up with a fair length of benching, both in the ingress and egress from that corner and further down the trail.

 We still have some more benching to go, about 100m, an up and over to build over a large log and some 1/2 bench with a rock cribbed wall where we had to go underneath a large tree.  The track is 100% rideable, 90% complete.

Several jobs have yet t be done to make the ride flow a little more eg a couple small berms etc.  These will be done as time permits.

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