Friday, September 24, 2010

benchin' !

We did some tidying up today, there was a part of the trail that had to be aligned underneath a large Spotted Gum, finally got to doing it properly.  We had to drag rocks from afar, as we needed to do some 1/2 bench  and the rocks where to provide support for the fill.

Starting the rock collection !
It's never ideal to align any trail below a tree, you have to contend with the roots when you try to put a bench in, but sometimes it's unavoidable.  After gathering more rocks, then benching and dragging dirt to use as fill, the trail was starting to take shape
Lookin' fine

We continued on further down the trail, where another piece of off camber track needed some benching,

That's some mighty fine pickin' and rakin' !

Little by little we're attending to the finishing of the first part of our trail network.  The only major job left is the construction over a large log.  It's on an off-camber corner, so we will be putting an in-slope on it.  The timber for the bearers has been seasoned, we've scavenged some hardwood for the decking, now we just need to find time to get it done !

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