Tuesday, November 9, 2010

one more log...

this log across the trail
The log, with rake-ho for scale

had been bothering us for some time, it sat unfinished as the last obstacle in the track, prior to this we have had to lift the bikes over it.  We had been debating if we should construct a wooden up 'n over the log but it's on a in-sloped fast section of trail and I was worried at getting the angle of the in-slope exactly right and interutpting the riders flow.  So, after some debate we decied to build it from dirt,

Toni doing some digging

ride it and then we can easily modify the in-slope and width as necessary.  So after many sweaty hours and 18 wheelbarrow loads, we ended up with this

Eighteen wheelbarrow loads of dirt later

It was great to get it finished as now the track is 100% rideable, with only the "B" line around one obstacle lower down tobe done to complete the layout, then we need to go back and tweak a few corners with berms etc.

On the way back we also did a small maintenance job on a log crossing, where the considerable and continuous rains had damaged the crossing.  We grabbed plenty of larger rocks, making sure this time to do the job properly and not cut corners.

Spring has sprung in the bush, with the rain and warmer weather, plenty of flowers where out, includng this tiny flower, not muchbigger then the size of a match head

After this I plan to take a short hiatus while I build a few dry stone walls around the house and catch up with a few other chores and then get back into extending the trail, probably early in the new year.

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