Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Leg Bone" continues

The last couple days have seen work progressing nicely.  Toni came out and helped one afternoon to add some of her muscle to a couple bigger jobs.

The trails now marked out to the top, the only small compromise is moving the trail head back down the track a little, meaning thigh bone has already started :)  This allowed us to incorporate some nifty trail features as well as ensure the climb was not to steep but will make the descent a "hoot" of a ride !  We had always planned something interesting as the easy climbing track, "ankle bone" has been built.

Large Log Obstacle
This wonderful fallen tree provided an excellent opportunity for something a little different, an A line over a "Y" in the log, with a drop off on the back side as you descend.  We cut a narrow gap to slow down those that choose the "B" line for the descent, this is also the line you have to take when climbing.  The "Y" in the log will be filled will loose logs from another coppiced tree (only 1/2 full presently) , leaving the logs "loose" under the wheels should add a degree of interest to the trail feature !  Pics are worth a 1000 words, so hear's a few thousand.

Chainsaw cut for the "B" line through a 3ft thick log !
"A" line of the same log, looking up, with a drop off  on the
down side !
Same log from above, "A" line (left), "B" line, right
Logs curing, after debarking, in preparation for use as
stringers on the up-ramp over the log
Once again we have coppiced logs beside the trail for use in construction, in my opinion, the most environmentally sustainable method of construction, knowing the provenance of the materials !

Half Bench
Here the trail threads between a large spotted gum and a large string bark, the down hill side is right near a 10m near vertical drop into a creek.  The large spotted gum was providing stabilisation but needed a little help to make the track a little "safer" and more sustainable.  We built a rock wall and filled it with cut material from the benched track a little further up the trail.

Through the trees, before
Through the tree, after
Rocks providing stabilisation for the fill.
Benched Trail
We also spent a fair bit of time benching the track where it was needed, the side slope is not particularly steep, so not a lot of cutting is needed, that combined with the softer, loamy, ground made for quick excavation.  Having done a lot of trail work in Townsville on the Douglas trails where the ground is rocky and the soil as hard as rock, this is about 10x as fast ! Sweeeeettttt...

Benched track through the rain forest on "Leg Bone".

Interesting Obstacles
Gravity Drop
There's a nifty Gravity Drop, as an A line (descending only), to come, I have roughed this out and it's rideable, if you're careful but really needs a little benching as there is a small off camber section that is a bit "tricky".

Overlocker Corner
This has two sets of two large trees to thread the needle through, thus "Overlocker".   Sewing aficionados will know why we called it "Overlocker Corner"

Top of the corner, first set of trees
to "thread" between

Half way through the corner, the second set of tress
to "thread" between
Then cross a log as you exit the corner

Soil ramps (large rocks buried) over a log
after "overlocker" corner.
I would estimate we are about 50% of the way through the trail so far.  I hope to have it finished by the time of the social ride, on the 29th May.

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