Sunday, April 24, 2011

Trail work has started again

Now I have finished several projects around the house, I am back working in the trails again !  The trail names for this Northern Section are based on the "Dem Bones" song. Toe, Foot and Ankle are done... now it's "Legs" turn.


Your toe bone connected to your foot bone, 
your foot bone connected to your ankle bone,
Your ankle bone connected to your leg bone,
Your leg bone connected to your knee bone,
Your knee bone connected to your thigh bone,
Your thigh bone connected to your hip bone,
Your hip bone connected to your back bone,
Your back bone connected to your shoulder bone,
Your shoulder bone connected to your neck bone,
Your neck bone connected to your head bone,
I hear the word of the Lord!

Leg Bone
I have been spending some time scouting where to put the trail, all we knew was where we wanted it to finish, on the northern intermittent creek, these many walks in the bush (which I enjoy thoroughly, getting to intimately know the lay of the land) have resulted in the bottom 1/3 of the trail being decided on, so I have cleared the trail corridor and started building in earnest.

Benched trail, Rake Ho lean showing cross-fall !

Some jobs require more muscle then I can bring to bear on my own, so Toni helps out when she can.  We went out early this morning, forgoing a ride, to do the creek crossing.  Manoeuvring the large rocks by myself was more then I could handle !

Toni, tidying up the Creek crossing

The crossing is mostly finished.  We will use some concrete to fill some of the gaps, we will mix the cement  with on site gravel, to make it is "natural" as possible but we will need to wait until the creek drys' out.  It is completely rideable but parts of it will wash away (where we have used a little dirt) if we have a big rain, these are the parts we want to concrete.

The new track looks great and we have a few interesting obstacles planned, including a drop off, off a large diameter felled tree and we've cut a narrow gap for a "B" line through the same tree, with plenty more to come !

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