Sunday, June 26, 2011

and the Great Southern Trail begins

Well, I finally got of my arse and have been doing some lantana clearing and reconnoitring for the next trail section.  Like it's northern cousin, it too starts near the shed where the bikes are stored, but then heads south.  We have been in a couple times clearing through a particularly thick bit on lantana in order to scout the land to enable the best use of the land as well as to make a sustainable trail

Cleared line for the trail though the forest, looking North
After several working bees clearing lantana, we now have a cleared line suitable for the trail to start, it doesn't look like much, yet

same trail, looking South
but we have to start somewhere.  One of the benefits of pushing the trail into new areas infested with lantana is that it breaks the seamless patch of lantana up into more manageable parcels.

One of our goals is to have our small 45 Acre block one day lantana free, building trails to allow access is a side benefit of the riding experience.  Of course that doesn't negate that it's very physically demanding work to clear ! especially as we are eschewing poison simply in favour of pulling it out.

and so we continue...

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