Thursday, September 29, 2011

a minor update and a major breakthrough

For what seems the longest time, we have been clearing a line for the new Southern Trail through some of the thickest lantana on the property.  It seems to have taken forever but we finally broke through yesterday, back into the forest which is clear of lantana and we can start trail construction proper again.  Several times I had considered adopting another line, simply because of the sheer hard work involved in clearing the line BUT one of the projects we have is a 5 year plan to rid the property of lantana altogether, so this makes a nice start to clearing a patch of some of the thickest growth on the property.  Toni has done an outstanding job helping out and any help clearing lantana is appreciated.

The forest area has a nice sideslope, with some massive trees that are interesting, combined with a couple new innovate features we can build into the trail, that will make it more interesting to ride.

Now we have broken through, hopefully it will reinvigorate me to get some more trail meters constructed.

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