Tuesday, October 4, 2011

All marked out

The section of track we have been clearing and building has been marked out all the way to it's terminus.  We wanted it to end at Glens Ck Road, this allows a nice bit of single track to ride out on when heading to "town" on the bikes and also allows us to integrate the forest fire trail at the back of our property into a loop.

The last bit was marked out today, crossing the Dam wall.

Standing on Dam Wall, looking across, wall goes to L

hopefully none of the fearsome yabbies that I seeded the dam with will have grown big enough to pull a rider into the Dam !

All your mountain bikes are belong to us !

There are a couple interesting features in the bit of trail coming down through the forest, a mossy log ride presenting an opportunity to ride along it for a short way, before dropping off to the right, where the blue tape is
Mossy log ride
There is some nice rock just out of the picture to the right, so we might be able to use that to make the ingress and egress ramps off the log hopefully.

The trail descends down through the forest at about 6%, with a 22% (average) crossfall on the land.

Trail marked out through the forest, can you see the trees ?

This log
The "third" bear !
presents another nice obstacle, we'll try and use the excess logs, cut to length with the chainsaw and make an interesting feature to ride over.  The problem is it will be like the other tow we made earlier and Toni has named each of these features Little Bear and Big Bear and she consequently decided to tenatively name the track "Two Bears", I am not sure if this will throw a spanner into her naming convention or not !  We'll see.

if it doesn't rain tomorrow, we'll restart trail construction !

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