Saturday, October 15, 2011

rollin', rollin', rollin' !

We've been out for a couple working bees, progressing the track along nicely.  Clearing the top of the Dam was great, we have never been even able to walk along there.  There was a very thick lanata patch, and waist high Bladey grass to contend with.  No more, Toni LOVES to whippersnip, so she went to work on the Dam wall !
Attacking the Bladey Grass !

Dam Wall, lookin' sweet !
Track across the Dam wall was cleared, and we also completed from Glenns Ck Rd to the southern end of the Dam wall.

Clearing the line on the southern side of the wall,
towards Glenns Ck Rd

Work on the Northern side of the Dam will start as soon as we can.

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