Friday, October 7, 2011

Under starters orders !

We tried to head out yesterday to do some trail work but alas, rain it did but we managed to get out today.  Cleared the Lantana on the dam wall as the first order of business, then started trail work proper.  We decided to start at the end and work backwards, the treat being when we join to the currently constructed section, it will be completely open to ride, instead of teasing ourselves by extending the old section each time.  Now it's all marked out and cleared, I hope work on building the trail accelerates, as long as my momentum continues !

Link section from Dam wall to Glenns Ck Rd 
The trail "splits" on the other side of the Dam wall, one "arm" of the trail heading south east towards Glenns Ck Rd, the other heading south west to eventually be the main trail loop itself.  We have started on the SE section ! WOOT !

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