Thursday, October 20, 2011

more work then "Bob the Builder" could do in a day !

Had a couple smaller days of trail work by myself and a huge day today with the both of us out there.  The other day involved clearing the trail and getting it ready to finalise.  Plenty of clearing to do but it is coming along nicely

The trail takes shape after detritus has been cleared !

We accomplished a fair bit today but never enough in my eyes !  We started on "Grizzly Bear", Toni has named this obstacle as it has a nasty bite if you make a mistake !  This is what it looked like before we got going

The new trail obstacle, "Grizzly Bear", au natural !
Looking  East  to West

We need the chainsaw to cut a flat bit into the top of the log and to cut up the dead logs all around it to use in the construction of the ramps to get over !

"Grizzly Bear", part way through construction
Looking West to East
and then we came back out after lunch to finish it, SWEET !

All finished, looking East to West

To celebrate, we decided to keep going and do a whole heap of benching

Plenty of benching with this steeper side slope
all full bench, half bench is half baked !

up to the next obstacle. The "Mossy Long Ride of D'eath !"  Hopefully we'll get back to that some time next week, it and the berm on the corner are the last two obstacles to be constructed.  Although we are considering adding something (who knows ?)  further back to enhance the flavour of the trail !

Still plenty of track to clear though but it's fairly flat so no benching needed !

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