Friday, November 4, 2011

98% finished

After an aborted overnight rafting trip, which we never managed to get started, we decided to do a few hours working on the trial instead, a sorry consolation prize for us but a good result for the trail network.  We managed to get the Mossy Log Ride finished, it's "B" line and the B line for the Grizzly Bear obstacle as well as the rest of the trail benched.

The Mossy Log Ride is, we think, another sweet obstacle on our trails, the log was quite hollow, so I used  rocks to fill the void, and we used rock for the sides of the ramps.  The ramps were subsequently filled with rock and the tops "shaped" with dirt.
Log ride, hollow end, looking E to W

The log required a fair amount of rock inside to both fill it and offer support from the weight of the riders, it should last man many years, hopefully.  I had done 90% of the western ramp a earlier in the week,
Started earlier in the week, W ramp partly completed.

so we just needed to finish that little bit off, then start the eastern ramp, plenty of rock close by made the job easier then just trying to use dirt or cart rock in from afar.

When using dirt fill laid on rock, it's important to tamp the dirt down between the rocks to ensure there is minimal or preferably no subsidence as time goes on.

Toni tamping the dirt in tight amongst the rocks

Completed Mossy Log Ride !

We used dirt from cutting the benches for the trail surface, cut and fill is always the most economical method if it can be used.

Finished Mossy Log Ride, looking E to W, "B" line on left

We think the new obstacle came up looking sweet !  Of course the proof of the pudding is in the riding, so hopefully we'll get a chance to do exactly that tomorrow !

"B" line on right for the Grizzly Bear log ride obstacle, looking  W

Grizzly Bear "A "line, completed last week
Earlier in the week
Earlier in the week I had managed to get a fair section of trail benched, 90% of the western approach of the "Mossy Log Ride" done as well as finish the berm, it looks sweet

Forest entrance berm

 but it needed a bit of moisture to allow me to pack it down nicely, low and behold the "God of Trail Building" gave me 20mm the next day.  That worked a treat !  Now I just need another 10- 20mm or so to settle the new construction... send 'er down !

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