Saturday, March 30, 2013

Skills Park

Skills Park

Well, Steve has done a great job on starting the skills park.  Currently there is currently a circuit allowing you  to circle round, practicing lots of different MTB skills that can be used later on the trails.

Overview - burning pile of branches in the middle for marshmallows on a cold night !

Up and over the the chimmneys,

you can see why it;s called that when you look from the side !

Ladder bridge
then across the ladder bridge, with a tricky little right hand turn and drop off for the truly skilled !

Ladder bridge

Then a right turn and over the log ride

Log ride

The log is shaped with an adze, the shingles we hand cut before I left for Cambodia from another log.

From there you can go straight ahead on to "Goldilocks" and ride the southern trail loop or turn right and do the rock garden

You then loop back around  and back to the start at "The Chimneys"

We have bigger plans to eventually expand the area

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