Saturday, April 27, 2013

The trails torrid times...

We had an incredible amount of rain across January, February and March and while the tracks have mostly survived, there has been some damage
Bridge washed away in the floods

A friend (Phil) was visiting not long after, so he lent his brute strength to disassembling the bridge and dragging it the 50m back up the creek to put it back in place
Disassembled, dragged up the creek and put back in place
That just meant we needed to put it back together
Coming together

Decking re-attached

and then re-build the approaches
Approaches done !

The bridge was the biggest project but a few of the other trail features were damaged, some of which have been repaired, some not...

and lantana out the wazoo, all that rain and Sun has given not just the garden a growth spurt and we have started with a serious clearing program but it's hard going and very tiring.  Another week if we keep at it.

Toni beside one of the many piles of cleared lantana

The trails all need a rake over, fallen trees need chainsawing and clearing and there is more lantana that has encroached on the trail corridor that needs pulling.  Another week of dry weather and we may be able to ride them again. they are still soggy in places !!!

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